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Jal (Urdu: جل‎, English: water[1][2]) is a pop rock band from LahorePunjab, Pakistan.[3] The band originally consisted of songwriter, vocalist and lead guitarist, Goher Mumtaz and vocalist, Atif Aslam and later joined by bass guitarist Omer Nadeem.[4] Founded in 2002, they first became popular playing in Lahore's underground music scene with the release of their song "Aadat".

Artistic Development

Goher was born in Lahore. As a child, Goher practiced music on a keyboard he got as a gift. At 16, he sold his bike to buy his first guitar which he hid under his bed due to parent's restrictions.[1]

After his high school exams, Goher suffered an accident and was confined to bed for six months. This gave him time and space to grasp[clarification needed] every note in the music that he listened to. With no formal training, Goher taught himself composition, song writing and singing. Later, he won in many college-level music competitions and gained momentum by performing at local restaurants in Lahore.[1]

Social Media Management

The release of Jal’s Tere Baajon video proves once and for all that Goher Mumtaz, who has been busy with acting assignments, has also managed to keep Jal intact. Their return heralds great tidings for the local rock scene; Images on Sunday (IoS) caught up with them while they were at GM Studios.

“Sometimes you feel that there are melodies that immediately catch your attention as a musician, and Tere Baajon has that feel to it,” says Goher.

“It will fill a gap in our music industry where everybody is either doing slow, sad numbers or hip-hop rap. We must contribute and return something to this industry and come out of our pessimistic approach to the pop-rock industry.”

With the recent release of the Tere Bajoon music video, Jal fights the Facebook invasion of amateur and viral videos. Their message is clear: Jal is here to stay

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